Medgibizh- town between Gods

Ancient town of Medgibizh with its fortress  has a very long history which dates back to  the 12th century of Kyivan Rus.  Lithuanian princes owned it in the 14th century and rebuilt the wooden fortress into the powerful fortress with thick stone walls. In the 16th century Polish noblemen had this town in their possession and widened its area. The population of the town grew up and people started to negotiate with Lviv and Kyiv. Jewish community appeared in those days. In the early 18th century Polish noblemen weakened their power over Medgibizh.

This town is also famous for the grave of Israel Besht, the founder of Hasidizm, who came there in 1740 and lived till 1760. He was buried there on the local cemetery.

Nowadays Medgibizh and its fortress is a popular tourist destination. Every year the fortress is the place for different festivals and historic makeovers. The museum of Femishment is also worth paying attention to.