Ivankivtsy. Scythian grave near Ivankivtsy

If you change the direction from Sataniv to Chemerivtsy, you can visit one of the most ancient historic monuments. It is a Scythian burial mound near the village of Ivankivtsy.  Some historians believe that there are seven of them on this territory near Ivankivtsy and Satanivka. Ivankivtsy’s burial mound is of a huge size. It is over 60 meters in diameter and 4,5 meters high. It is original in its form and scientists have found remains of funeral vault of a noble person of Scythian times there. In 2008 the burial mound was partially renewed in its pristine state. It was also planned to cover it with a glass dome and restore. But the work was put on hold and now it is even difficult to find the sign which shows this place. For the curious tourist, though, it won’t be a challenging task to keep the right side of the road to find this marking sign.