Kamianets-Podilskyi invites to the Festivals 2017!

Festival Season 2017:



19.02 II Kamianets-Podilskyi Media-Forum

23.02 Bandura Art Festival – Children’s Music School named after F. Hanitskoho


18-19.03 Poetry Event “Podillia-Open” – Central Library

31.03-02.04 All-Ukrainian Festival-Contest of Choreographic Art “Radeia-Dance” – Local Cultural Center


07-09.04 Sports Festival “Green Orange” – Gala Hotel

21-23.04 All-Ukrainian Arts Festival-Contest for Children and Youth “Podillia Pearl” – Local Cultural Center

22-23.04 Official Opening of the Tourist Season – Polish Market Square

29.04-02.05 Arts Festival “Petromania”

29.04-02.05 International Knights Festival “Forpost” – Old Castle


06-09.05 Gastronomic-Coffee Festival “Kamianets Turka” – Polish Market Square

18-21.05 Festival of Aeronautics “Cup of Podillia” – Old Town

19-21.05 International Festival of Ethnic Cultures “Island of the Seven Treasures” – Old Town

19-21.05 Light Aviation Festival – Kamianka village

20-21.05 Town Day “Kamianets – Treasure Island 2017” – Old Town

27.05 International Tournament of Mixed Martial Arts MMA “Battle in a Fortress” – Old Castle


03-04.06 Music Festival “SobornaFest” – Soborna street

09-11.06 II International Festival “Retrofest” – Old Town


01-08.07 Opera and Classical Music Festival “Opera in Miniature” – Ruska Brama (Old Russ Gate)

International Bow Shooting Tournament “Rock Arrow” – Old Castle

29-30.07 Festival of Water and Family Recreation “Ilko Fun” – Polish Market Square


23-25.08 International Military-Historic Festival “The Last Capital” – Polish Market Square

31.08-03.09 Art Festival “Respublica” – Polish Market Square


09-01.10 Extreme and Avtomotosport Festival “Benzin”

29.09-01.10 International Military-Historic Festival “Schola militaria” – Old Town


04-08.10 Aeronautic Cup-Final of Ukraine “Golden Omega” – Old Town

07-08.10 Beer Festival “Octoberfest, back to the Sky” – Polish Market Square

III Theater Festival “Komora (Garner)” – LCCA “Rozmai”

21-23.10 Cultural Forum “Rock Island – 2017” – Old Town

27-29.10 All-Ukrainian Song Contest “Talent” – Local Cultural Center


04-05.11 Artistic Families’ Festival “Rodoslav” – Local Cultural Center

17-19.11 All-Ukrainian Arts Festival-Contest for Children and Youth “Kamianets’ Pearl” – Local Cultural Center


08-10.12 Artwork and Perfomance Art Festival “Glory of Kalyta” – Local Cultural Center

19.12-19.01 A Series of New Year and Christmas Holidays “From Mykola to Jordan” – Local streets and public places

19.12 Opening of the Major Town Christmas Tree – Polish Market Square

19.12 Opening of the St. Nicholas’ Chamber – Polish Market Square


Source: Portal of Kamianets-Podilskyi