Sataniv in Khmelnychchyna – a small town with an interesting history, unique synagogue-fortress and 200 years old mill

There is a small town in Khmelnychchyna, not impressive in its size, but in its ancient and interesting history. It is Sataniv. According to one version, the town was founded by the Romans. And there is a dozen of variants of the name origin. Lately KostiantynGrubych – a famous TV presenter visited Sataniv and shared his impressions of this visit. He made a peculiar list of interesting places worth seeing for travelers and all those not indifferent to the history of Podillia.

The list includes a fortress (better to say its remnants). There are interesting legends about this monument, but unfortunately time is ruthless and the fortress is being destroyed.

Synagogue is also in the list. It is a known fact, representatives of different nationalities lived in Sataniv in different times, and it was difficult to decide which one prevails. The Jews had a significant impact on the economic development of the town and on its culture as well. The Jews are those who built a unique for Eastern Europe synagogue-fortress, a building of an interesting architecture. The fortress degraded in the Soviet times, but has been rebuilt by the philanthropists in the years of independence. At the decoration of this religious building certain rules and traditions were followed. The local say, Sataniv Synagogue is 500 years old.

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Sataniv was founded by a Greek from Athos, according to the legends. There were both a convent and a friary. The last monk left the monastery in 1968. The building is in a dilapidated state today, but there is still hope, someday monastic ministry to be restored.

Once, a gateway was built in the place of the southern entrance to Sataniv. Later on it was rebuilt and left in a defensive buildings complex. After it has lost its defensive meaning customs was located there, because Sataniv stood on the border.

And finally – there is a mill. It still works as well as some two hundred years ago.

All these places – is a history of Sataniv. Hence, you should come to this Podillia town to feel the magic atmosphere of the culture mix and to travel in time.