Bloggers share their impressions of “Embroidered” tour in Shepetivka

An “Embroidered” tour, connecting unique touristy places of our country from Uzhgorod to Sloviansk, was started on the 5th of June in Uzhgorod. It is the longest touristic route in Ukraine (2000 km) that runs through 11 regions and Shepetivka in particular. The first cities on the tour were Netishyn and Slavuta. The town welcomed tourists on the 22nd of June.

For the 3rd year in row Shepetivka welcomes the participants of the “Embroidered” tour. In the first year it was a bicycle tour, in the second – tour on foot and this year travelers were not limited in the means of mobility. Tour participants travelled in different ways: by bus, train, bicycle and hitch-hiking.

Two volunteers from the East and two from the West of Ukraine started their 20-day trip, keeping their blogs and writing their impressions everyday. This year the volunteers are: Iryna Zhuravel, Sergii Nagornyi, Hrystia Zhuk and Sergii Chekmariov. Two of them investigated the East and other pair the West. Those in the West visited Shepetivka.

Iryna Zhuravel – a traveler, blogger, digital nomad and share hunter. She is an author of “Columbus himself” project and “Just Travel” – the first school of travels in Ukraine. She has an experience in hitch-hiking, flights for 0 euro, couch-surfing, luxury villas, volunteering. She visited nearly 20 European countries and 80 cities. Last 18 months she spent on a continuous trip around Southeast Asia. She visited 6 countries there and tried travelliving on her own experience.

Sergii Nagornyi is Ukrainian travel video blogger. He visited 24 countries and more than 70 Ukrainian cities, travelled across Spain on foot.

On the 22nd of June the volunteers arrived at Shepetivka and met with the journalists to narrate their impressions about the town, peculiarities of travelling across Ukraine and their experience in travelling abroad.